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My Goals

What are my goals?

  • Enhance cooperation with local school districts. Provide students with a low cost, less stressful alternative through the community college system to further their education goals.
  • Improve partnership with employers. Work with employers and business partners to provide more vocational training.  Help employers to train much-needed, qualified  future employees and help students gain marketable skill sets to fill these well paid positions.
  • Promote on-line courses. Collaborate with other community colleges as well as universities to provide more on-line or hybrid on-line courses.  In addition to providing more classes at more convenient times, it will help to reduce costs and make education more affordable.
  • Increase students’ success and completion rate. Provide more counseling and tutoring to less prepared students.  Help more students earn certificates and associate degrees. Ensure that students have the classes needed to transfer to a four- year institution if so choose.

I am a good listener and I want to hear your voice.  I believe that together we can make a better community college system and help our students prepare for an ever-changing job market without undue stress.   Please contact me at:


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